Bam Gamat (Gamat Balm)

CHF 22.00
The "miracle cure" from Langkawi (Malaysia) - not only smells good, but also helps super with mosquito bites (or as an mosquito repellent) and relieves muscle and cold pains.


Forget Tigerbalm and Exopic - here comes Bam Gamat. The Balm is made from sea cucumbers and herbs and offers a variety of applications. We have been using it for years as a mosquito repellent, both preventively and in the treatment of mosquito bites (relief of itching). Bam Gamat can also be used to relieve colds, muscle and joint pain or headaches. In addition to the gamat extracts which are considered to be beneficial to health, the eucalyptus scent, in particular, helps to clear the respiratory tract.

Bam Gamat is a traditional, natural product that is only produced and sold on the Malaysian island of Langkawi. Bam Gamat

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