Red Kampot Pepper

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Kampot pepper is rightly considered one of the finest pepper varieties in the world and is characterized by its intense aroma. Our red pepper comes from La Plantation, a strictly organic company that produces according to the highest quality standards.


Pepper and its piperine extract have many benefits. Beyond its gastronomic and gustatory qualities, the use of pepper in cooking not only improves the taste of dishes, but also helps to reduce the use of salt.

At the height of the dry season, around March, the peppercorns ripen on the vine and change colour from yellow to red. Harvested by hand when fully ripe, the peppercorns are then washed and dried in the sun.

Although black or white pepper is used globally, red pepper from Kampot is the main product of the region and the secret star in every spice box. It develops strong fruity aromas. Its unique taste, less hot than black pepper, has sweet notes of red fruit and honey.

It refines your dishes and desserts. Its delicate aroma develops especially when added to strawberries and pears.


Variety Piper Nigrum L.
Origin Kampot IGP - Kambodscha
Producer La Plantation (KPPA ID: P-3-002-001)
Netto weight 50g
Packaging Sealed paper bag
Content 100% Black Kampot Pepper PGI
Colour Dard red to brown
BBD 36 month
Storage Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid light and humidity.
Allergen none


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