White Kampot Pepper

CHF 16.90
Kampot pepper is rightly considered one of the finest pepper varieties in the world and is characterized by its intense aroma. Our white pepper comes from La Plantation, a strictly organic farm producing to the highest quality standards.


Our white Kampot pepper is one of the few peppercorns in the world that is produced from fully ripe red peppercorns. This production method is prescribed to Kampot producers by the PGI. Our white Kampot pepper is a rare, fine and delicate product.

The red peppercorns are picked individually from the bunch. They are then washed, scalded and soaked for one night in a vat of clear water. The skin surrounding the stone is then very soft and can be easily removed. The peppercorns are then washed several times and dried in the sun for two to three days, depending on the amount of sunlight.

Unlike the white Kampot pepper, most white peppercorns produced in the world are made from green or black peppercorns. They therefore sometimes have to macerate for several weeks to remove the outer husk. This long maceration gives white pepper a strong, animal-like smell that is not very pleasant for some people.

Our white Kampot pepper is therefore characterised by its genuine pepper aroma with a menthol note. In the mouth, the white Kampot pepper develops an intensely spicy flavour with delicate notes of fresh herbs, eucalyptus, citrus and rosemary.


Variety Piper Nigrum
Origin Kampot IGP - Cambodia
Producer La Plantation (KPPA ID: P-3-002-001)
Netto weight 50g
Packaging Sealed paper bag
Content 100% White Kampot Pepper PGI
Colour light brown to beige
BBD 36 month
Storage Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid light and humidity.
Allergen none


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